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To touch or to lie next to. The term is used in property to determine the obligations of a homeowner or the municipality.


Next to, touching, contiguous. Typically arises in the context of whether property owners have a duty to clean snow, ice, and debris from

the sidewalks abutting their property.
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If the exception was meant to apply only where there are abutting buildings on both sides, the text would have been written differently.
Given the moderate marine climate in Portland and Seattle, it is not unusual for power line visibility from abutting homes to be fully or partly obscured by trees.
The court declined to interpret the statute to find all abutting landowners are entitled to a share of the vacated right-of-way.
In contrast, the commissioner added, there are many corner lots in the city that have 200 feet or more of sidewalks, and in most instances one side of the lot is not used by the abutting property owner.
Prices can vary greatly, depending on the location of the land, the availability or unavailability of development rights from multiple abutting sites and the permitted floor area.
After going through the original data files and adding four subject properties not used in the original study and comparable sales not required for the original study's analytical method, the number of observations in the current study grew to 712, including 300 subject properties abutting an HVTL.
Under their proposal, property owners who have sidewalks abutting their rear-lot lines would be eligible to apply for the hardship exemption to the snow-removal ordinance.
Paul Friedberg Partners, LLC, will include rolling lawns with trees abutting a glass parapet, Ipe wood decking and black slate pavers.
It's actually a worst-case scenario,'' said Hayden Sohm, superintendent for the State Parks Department Angeles Crest District, which administers parkland abutting the watershed.
The viewer observed all this from a small balcony abutting the entrance door and cantilevered just above the water.
17/gallon and at or lower than 7 of the 8 abutting states; $0.
In the final analysis, any particular category of property owners who are forgiven from the obligation to remove snow from their abutting sidewalk, transfers that obligation to the city," he added.