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1. To trade a security without driving the market price in any direction. That is, a security is said to absorb transactions when they do not cause the price to go up or down.

2. To refrain from passing on a cost to customers. For example, a business absorbs a cost when it must pay an additional $1 per unit in taxes but does not raise a unit's retail price by any amount.


To offset sell orders or a new security offering with buy orders.
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In this biography of Walter de la Mare, Theresa Whistler has written a book of rare sensitivity and perception and one which is absorbingly interesting.
Next year the young pianist returns to perform the Schumann Concerto, but currently we are still getting over the absorbingly direct, uncluttered reading of the Grieg Concerto (so much a homage to the Schumann) which a packed Town Hall audience enjoyed last Wednesday afternoon.
Please Add to & Return," the opening show at the new non profit space Raven Row, the ambivalence of Johnson's position--at once enraptured and suspicious--is absorbingly laid out.
Shawn Slovo's screenplay, adapted from an odd but absorbingly complicated novel by Louis De Bernieres, systematically leeches anything intelligent or compelling out of the piece.
Most of its features would fit inside that image, with room to spare: short duration, compact setting, scenes altered and re-shot endlessly, absorbingly.
Nothing like the book but still an absorbingly thriller.
The knowledge that SST's initials actually stand for Solid State Transformers (the company started life as an electronics manufacturer) establishes a peculiar web of meanings in which both the actual precariousness and the potential fascination of Einarsson's practice are readily, absorbingly apparent.