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1. To trade a security without driving the market price in any direction. That is, a security is said to absorb transactions when they do not cause the price to go up or down.

2. To refrain from passing on a cost to customers. For example, a business absorbs a cost when it must pay an additional $1 per unit in taxes but does not raise a unit's retail price by any amount.


To offset sell orders or a new security offering with buy orders.
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The absorbing layer of foam absorbs the acoustic energy, and the barrier layer prevents any remaining noise from passing through the sheet metal cover.
The water emulsion-based coating can be easily sprayed on an agricultural hothouse in a UV absorbing density suitable to a particular crop.
While smog may absorb UV rays, Luftman said the overall unhealthful qualities of smog outweigh any potential benefits of its absorbing particles.
The curtain is a breakthrough, cost-effective solution that employs Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) technology to enhance the reaction rate of lithium hydroxide, the carbon dioxide absorbing chemical already in use by the Navy's submarine force.
Sunscreens prevent UV light form reaching the skin in one of two ways--by absorbing it or by scattering it.
ENVIROLIZER works by absorbing ammonia into microscopic pores, preventing nitrifying bacteria from breaking the ammonia into nitrates.
An impact absorbing composite has been granted a patent.
Other tests revealed that the Smart Sponge is effective in absorbing low-level dissolved hydrocarbons, recovering up to 97 percent in a lab setting, and when saturated with used motor oil and diesel fuel, passes EPA tests.
Green laser light at 570 nanometers created the transparency, preventing the vapor from absorbing ultraviolet light at 337 nanometers.
We have made great progress since we first announced CO2 absorbing ceramics in 1998 by developing a more effective, low cost, CO2 absorber that functions at room temperature," said Dr.
Instead they make their presence known by absorbing specific wavelengths as quasar light passes through on its way to Earth.