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The stilts keep the school above water during the rainy season, when the river rises.
From the tenants' perspective, McKee noted with resignation, "It's always the same small landlords, never the big firms, who keep reappearing every year, and yet somehow they manage to keep their heads above water and be at the meeting the next year.
The house is based on a floatation system supporting various living spaces arranged around a central void Living rooms and kitchen are located on the first floor with bedroom and entrance hall just above water level.
Tornado crews at RAF Marham, Norfolk, found him flapping furiously in a desperate attempt to keep his head above water.
In Altshuler's book these exhibitions seem like chains of islands here and there poking above water and, among themselves, seeming to delineate a direction to the eye.
Gathering over Columbus Day weekend for the 1992 Non-Ferrous Founders' Society (NFFS) Annual Meeting on October 11-14 in Hilton Head, South Carolina, 79 nonferrous foundry executives shared ideas on how to keep their heads above water in turbulent times.
With just over an hour left in the trading day, market averages are trying to keep their heads above water.
3-Height in meters above water of some of the rocks in Panatag which is not considered an island but a ring-shaped coral reef with several rocks encircling a lagoon.
The Taoiseach's declaration will provide cold comfort to struggling homeowners desperate to keep their heads above water.
BIG InvestConsult AG is acting as a representative of the Deep Ocean Technology the Polish owner behind the unique technology and concept of Water Discus Hotel that envisages an ultimate leisure facility with a structure that is partly above water and the rest underneath a residential Underwater Discus with an Above Water Discus.
Rescuers had managed to reach him and were holding his head above water.