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Thus, the courts have held an abandonment involves giving something so as to receive something else in return, which fits the ordinary meaning of a sale or exchange under the IRC.
Have a formal abandonment process that bases decisions on discounted cash flow analysis.
This article discusses the facts that law enforcement officers must obtain to demonstrate a person's surrender of fourth amendment privacy in premises, vehicles, and other items of personal property, so that a warrantless search will be reasonable under the legal theory of abandonment.
At many of these lowland Maya urban centers, spurts of population growth followed by temporary abandonment probably corresponded to fluctuations in annual rainfall and the availability of stored water, adds anthropologist Richard E.
Cloninger (1981) presents a model of arson abandonment that reconciles traditional abandonment models developed in the finance literature with criminal offense models developed in the economic literature.
In 2010, Forrester Research and MarketingSherpa reported shopping cart abandonment rates at 55% and 52% respectively.
Research by Bronto and Demandware provides insights and best practices from top retailers on how to optimize shopping cart abandonment marketing
Shopping cart abandonment is like an arch nemesis for many marketers.
Today s guidance will help ensure that victims of domestic abuse and spousal abandonment are able to claim the premium tax credit not just this year but in future years as well.
Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission has received the Pony Express Abandonment Order from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
Circumstances have varied with each, yet whether an abandonment results from human error or an act of God, the one constant is that owners are out of pocket.
1) delays caused by the owner's bad faith or its willful, malicious, or grossly negligent conduct, (2) uncontemplated delays, (3) delays so unreasonable that they constitute an intentional abandonment of the contract by the contractee, and (4) delays resulting from the contractee's breach of a fundamental obligation of the contract.