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Rolle said such work required additional approvals under the zoning ordinance, either through special permit or after site-plan approval through the issuance of a building permit.
But in June 2014, in an action targeting the church's use of its property, the Bayview Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to enforce a zoning ordinance that completely bans churches and schools from the area where Cornerstone Church owns property-despite allowing similar nonreligious institutions in that exact same area.
But if a decision of the planning board involves interpretation of the zoning ordinance, the appellant must first appeal to the ZBA before going to the superior court.
Our article analyzed the use of mandatory inclusionary zoning ordinances in the context of both federal and Florida law as they pertain to development exactions and impact fees.
30) the Court explicitly limited its holding to facial challenges and warned that the application of a zoning ordinance to a particular piece of property might be found unreasonable.
The subcommittee has discussed several options for an inclusionary zoning ordinance.
When the couple's house was originally built twenty-five years earlier, a zoning ordinance was in place that stated there can be "no private building or residence built within ten feet of public school property.
It is integral in defending the zoning ordinance against court litigation.
Douglass Township then failed to take the necessary steps to enforce its zoning ordinance despite numerous requests from the Noonans to do so, according to PennFuture.
Tenders are invited for Kennebunk Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Update
Petty is pushing for an amendment to the city's zoning ordinance that would allow urban farmers to grow food for commercial purposes in areas zoned for manufacturing and industrial uses.
City of Holly Springs, Mississippi reached a settlement agreement to end year-long litigation over the City of Holly Springs discriminatory zoning ordinance that banned churches from operating in the City's central square.