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It stops on the zebra crossing zig-zags every day, there's no bus stop there but it's 50 yards away from the bus terminus.
In line with its rolling papers, Zig-Zag has the widest range of filters available including standard, slim, ultra-slim and menthol tips, oil of which hove retail margins around the 60% mark with similar margins to be gained from rolling machines.
Text: Exletters to Many schools in Huddersfield have problems with parents parking on zig-zag lines outs i d e s c h o o l s, obscuring sight lines and putting children at risk.
The main winner with Zig-Zag is retailers who enjoy margins in excess of 60% from a product that benefits from a sustained high level of consumer marketing.
Convenience operators can tap into very high margins in excess of 65% on some Zig-Zag products and more than 60% on all Zig-Zag products.
They are also parking on the zig-zag lines next to the pelican crossing on Commercial Road.
The woman also had a zig-zag bracelet and blue topaz dress-ring.
PhotoEnhancer Plus also offers a suite of built-in special effects, filters such as antique, emboss, mosaic, quake, zig-zag, outline and cartoon.
The model recreated his Aladdin Sane album cover image, with its trademark lightning zig-zag, for a special edition of Vogue magazine.
Tobacco might help build trade in independents, but with margins lower than for most grocery products, cigarette papers and filters are bigger profit generators, according to Zig-Zag (UK).
He joined ARPA, then successfully managed the design of the project past institutional opponents, such as AT&T and IBM, which could not appreciate the zig-zag technology.
In an astonishing display of double standards the warden, in his 60s, parked illegally on a zig-zag line next to a pedestrian crossing.