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Country Classification ITers Non-ITers Low inflation [6] AUS, CAN, KOR, [6] CHE, GER, HK, NOR, SWE, UK ITA, JPN, US High inflation [6] BRA, HUN, ISR, [2] ARG, TUR MEX, PHL, ZAF Numbers in square brackets represent the number of countries in the group.
And Air Power Ladies Patron, Sharron Chimese said ZAF Air Force Hospital, is not the just huge strides of the Club s good works saying that the club has been engaged in different ventures focused at making better the living standards of the Zambia Air Force bases and neighboring communities.
Quantitative electron probe analysis was run on the shards employing the ZAF quantitative correction procedure contained in NIST-NIR Desk Top Spectrum Analyzer (DTSA) (10).
Of the many assumptions made in the ZAF (where these letters stand for atomic number, absorption and fluorescence) corrections the localized geometry between the sample and electron beam, or takeoff angle, must be accurately known.
will conduct an unreserved auction in Johannesburg, ZAF featuring more than 320 mining equipment items.
1) Baotou (China, February 2007), UCM Group PLC (United Kingdom, April 2007), Yilong (China, May 2007), ZAF (China, June 2007), Jumbo Mining (India, June 2007), Vatutinsky (Ukraine, July 2007), The Feldspar Corporation (USA, September 2007), Astron China (China, February 2008).