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In a year-to-year comparison, it increased its revenue by 4.
In year-to-year comparison the volume of sales had risen by 5.
For the year-to-year comparison, If's profits for the Baltic region rose 30 percent for the first half of 2009.
KATV's year-to-year comparison grew from a 10/24, while KTHV stayed about the same.
If they use a new aggregating procedure or drop certain crimes from one category and add them to another, then for their year-to-year comparison, they should adjust the prior year data to the same standard, and then compute the year-to-year changes.
The active hurricane season in 2005 significantly impacted this year-to-year comparison, accounting for approximately 5 percentage points in the company's 2005 combined ratio.
Track and act on vital industry trends with macro-level year-to-year comparison data since 1998
On a year-to-year comparison, the venture capital slowdown was even more dramatic.
Neogen's fourth quarter was the 49th consecutive profitable quarter from operations for the company, and the 53rd quarter of the past 58 quarters to show revenue increases on a year-to-year comparison.
DeVry's strong cash flow allowed us to prepay our entire issue of 12 percent junior subordinated debt and to reduce our 13 percent senior subordinated debt by over $7 million during the second quarter of last year, making our year-to-year comparison for this year's first quarter exceptionally favorable," Keller said.
A year-to-year comparison showed a maintained, modest gain for the company, continuing its record of profitability since origination.