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But last year bills soared by pounds 384, that's 42%.
I wanted you to know that on top of New Year bills, my mortgage and living expenses, I now have a large garage bill through no fault of my own so thank you.
Last year bills in the various council areas went up by 7pc or more.
Emily Wallace, defending, said from 1995 until May last year Bills was a young man with a prolific record of offending.
So those numbers and new tax rates won't be reflected until owners receive their mid-tax year bills, due in January 1998.
Mila Violaris, Hfs research manager, said: "At this time of year people often go through a bit of a low spell, feeling depressed now that the Christmas and New Year bills have started to arrive.
Global Banking News-11 January 2010-PBOC to sell CNY20bn in one year bills on Tuesday(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.