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Yield to Maturity

The rate of return on a bond if it is held until maturity. This is expressed as an annual rate; the calculation of the YTM includes the coupon rate (if any), length of the bond, market value, and face value. Bond quotes are made in terms of the YTM, but an individual investor's yield may be different if he/she does not hold the bond, or if the bond is called before maturity.


Yield to maturity (YTM).

Yield to maturity is the most precise measure of a bond's anticipated return and determines its current market price.

YTM takes into account the coupon rate and the current interest rate in relation to the price, the purchase or discount price in relation to the par value, and the years remaining until the bond matures.


See yield to maturity.

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In order to calculate YTM correctly in such cases, CPAs need to know the trade date, the settlement date (the date when cash is paid), the maturity date, the number of days between the prior interest payment date and the next coupon payment date, the total number of days between the previous coupon payment date and the next payment date after the settlement date, the number of coupons remaining from the payment prior to settlement to maturity, and the price on the trade date without a coupon interest accrual.
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