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30am Southern Cross to Sydney daylight XPT will stop on request at Broadmeadows at 8.
Passengers travelling at short notice must make an online booking at least two hours before the XPT departs either Southern Cross or Sydney, or book at a station with access to Countrylink s reservation system at least an hour before the train is scheduled to stop at Broadmeadows or Seymour, Mr Mulder said.
XPTs going to Sydney only pick up on request at Broadmeadows and Seymour, while trains from Sydney only set down on request at these two stations.
The new 1200V XPT devices are available with IXYS' Sonic-FRDTM anti-parallel ultra-fast diodes (Sonic-FRDTM - Suffix H1, ie.
Initial release of these new discrete XPT IGBTs will include devices that are available with current ratings from 100A to 210A.
IXYS' XPT IGBTs are available in two distinctive speed classifications: the B3 and C3 Classes respectively.
The combination of XPT IGBT and IXYS' Sonic-FRD(TM)or HiPerFRED(TM) result in an optimal match for reduced turn-off losses.
The XPT IGBTs have a positive forward voltage coefficient, which enables parallel operation, thus facilitating scaling up the current capability with the use of multi module systems.
The XPT IGBT and Sonic diode combination in the "Mini" modules are available in Converter Brake Inverter module (CBI) and six-pack topologies.
The benefits of merging the IXYS cell design with XPT (Xtreme light Punch Through) wafer technology result in competitive static and dynamic behavior as well as the rugged and reliable operation during power turn-off testing.
The introduced 1200V XPT IGBTs are rated at 10A, 15A, 35A and 50A.