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A statement read: "The club can confirm it is appealing wrongful dismissal and the three-match ban given to Gabriel.
A claim of wrongful dismissal submitted by Chelsea in relation to Thibaut Courtois has been unsuccessful following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing earlier today," an FA statement read.
Matic risked getting hit with an extra game ban if a wrongful dismissal appeal was thrown out.
The decision of an Independent Regulatory Commission in relation to a claim of wrongful dismissal is final and binding on all parties and is not subject to appeal.
Stone tried to have the case thrown out but a judge ruled that Elemen had provided enough evidence to support the charges of harassment, failure to prevent harassment, retaliation and wrongful dismissal.
QPR lodged an appeal for wrongful dismissal in the hope a FA regulatory commission would take into account the refereeing error.
He was then fired, which he contested with an unsuccessful wrongful dismissal suit.
In a statement the FA said: "A claim for wrongful dismissal from Laurent Koscielny was dismissed.
ALAN PARDEW is ready to sue Southampton for wrongful dismissal.
The Football Association heard the claim for wrongful dismissal but decided Atkinson had made the correct call.
A EVEN though you have not started your new job you are entitled to notice of termination or this would be a breach of contract and you could claim compensation for wrongful dismissal.
At the wrongful dismissal trial later, the court concludes that the cause did not justify the firing.