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The formal name for the World Court is the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
The World Court even recognized a number of UN resolutions specifically reiterating Israel's right to defend its borders.
Breyer argued that the Supreme Court should not have disposed of the Torres case until the World Court had completed its deliberations.
The conflict between the World Court and NATO came into the open at the United Nations General Assembly in December 1996.
This is especially troubling after his earlier remarks suggesting that the World Court should be the supreme authority over the U.
Thus Gitmo, which might well have been a legitimate prison for those the World Court found guilty of terrorism, instead became a by-word for injustice and a deep stain on America's international reputation.
And President Bush has expressed a willingness to compromise that hard-won independence by favoring World Court interference in the Medellin case.
In 1996 the World Court confirmed that this was a legal obligation, to be pursued in good faith.
The UK voted in favour of a UN General Assembly resolution on Tuesday, calling on Israel to dismantle the barrier on the West Bank in line with a UN world court ruling.
Prime minister Ariel Sharon, meanwhile, ordered construction of Israel's West Bank separation barrier to continue, brushing off last week's world court ruling that the system of fences, trenches and walls is illegal and must be dismantled.
Today, the World Court in the Hague started debating the legality of the huge security wall Israel is building which they say is to stop the bombers.
The EU has written to the World Court (ICJ) to express its opposition to the opening of legal action against the West Bank security barrier that Israel is building.
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