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Though published this year, this mammoth statistical compilation draws together figures for 2011, still recent enough to give a meaningful snapshot, though timed during the workout period of the global financial crisis.
The government's review has estimated that the regulatory capital benefits resulting from the accelerated disposal of these assets will allow RBS to maintain adequate resources and to continue to strengthen its regulatory capital position over the workout period.
Each session consisted of a 20-second workout period followed by a 10-second rest, we had to do this six times for each exercise and there were 12 exercises.
In the workout phase, the nature and complexity of these loans extends the settlement and workout period.
An analysis of the financial requirements of the property for the workout period.
This action saved the seller approximately $1 million in carrying costs that would have accrued during a workout period.
While Fitch believes Citadel's market risk management is consistent with industry best practices, and funding diversification is superior to most hedge funds, market illiquidity points to continued dislocations between markets and a prolonged workout period.
Under Fannie Mae's existing single-family workout practices, a borrower must sign documents to initiate a trial workout period during which time the servicer agrees to forbear from taking action against the borrower.
The workout period frees up the other teachers to fine-tune their lesson plans.
Now more than ever, the construction industry needs sound legal counsel as a preventative measure to help ensure no one falls behind during the workout period," said Waagner.
In Fitch's view, management's recent decision to forego all classes of dividends suggests that there could be a more protracted workout period associated with some of its investments.