Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

(pronounced as a word) A federal agency within the Department of Labor, OSHA (www.osha.gov) performs workplace inspections, engages in education and partnership to improve workplace safety, and enforces compliance with workplace safety standards.It is a common misperception that OSHA has the right to conduct surprise inspections of the workplace, including construction sites. In reality, OSHA may inspect only what it is given permission to inspect,or the particular portion of the premises described with particularity in a search warrant.

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The company was allowed to store dangerous chemicals at the blast site following work safety and environmental impact assessments, Gao said.
Wang Dexue, deputy head of the State Administration of Work Safety, told China Daily earlier this year that workplace safety was a major problem in China as negligence by local work safety supervisors has led to frequent industrial accidents in the country, particularly in the mining industry.
Yang Dacai, former head of Shnxi work safety administration, was found guilty of taking bribes and holding a large amount of property which he cannot account for, at Xi'an Intermediate People's Court.
Fu Jianhua, deputy chief of the state administration of work safety, also rushed to the scene immediately after the accident.
Starting in the 1910s, American employers scored even more dramatic work safety gains than those seen recently.
The State Administration of Work Safety reported on its website that the blast occurred in Guizhou province's Liupanshui city.
The towns of Leicester and North Brookfield have received grants for work safety equipment from the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association, the municipalities' property and casualty insurance provider.
Mine accidents in China are common and claimed 2,631 lives in 2009, according to figures of the State Administration of Work Safety.
GIT had also found numerous violations during their probe of the Sunday incident in which 3 construction workers died - none of them was scheduled to work that day; they did not undergo work safety instruction, and there were no safety measures at the work site.
Both approvals were granted by the Suzhou Municipal Administration of Work Safety.
AaA total of 93 people were working in the mine in Ping dingshan city in Henan Province when the blast took place in the early hours, the State Administration of Work Safety announced on its website.
The country's work safety watchdog said the pre-dawn explosion occurred at Xinhua No 4 pit in Pingdingshan city on Tuesday.