withdrawal plan

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Withdrawal plan

Agreement that a mutual fund will disburse automatic periodic redemptions to the investor.

Withdrawal Plan

1. A strategy in which an investor sells a certain number or type of securities each year. One may use the proceeds to fund any number of things, such as a child's college education or one's own retirement. The risk of a withdrawal plan is the possibility that one may not have sufficient cash to buy replacement securities or, more simply, that one may run out of securities to sell.

2. See: Systematic withdrawal plan.

withdrawal plan

An option offered by some open-end investment companies whereby an investor can receive payments at regular intervals. Withdrawal plans are generally used by people who wish to use their accumulated funds for retirement purposes. Also called systematic withdrawal plan.
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and small departmental civil engineering works and the development of withdrawal plans and implementation of containment for the removal of asbestos from these buildings.
While no final decision on numbers has been made, the officials said the administration is poised to slow withdrawal plans and probably will allow many of the 9,800 American troops to remain well into next year.
Joseph Dunford, was upbeat about the gradual withdrawal plans at a news conference Wednesday, saying that the timetable outlined by Mr.
The slashing of the reservoirs releases during December/January based on the Provincial withdrawal plans had been conveyed about three months back to all concerned i.
Troops have started moving to the designated areas away from the buffer zone," Aguer told journalists at a news conference in Juba on Monday, reading out a letter on withdrawal plans and orders from the general chief of staff of the SPLA, James Hoth Mai.
Kayani's growing support for dialogue is driven to a large extent by a realisation that the United States is intent on sticking to its Afghan withdrawal plans, diplomats say.
What happened does not change anything, it neither accelerates nor delays withdrawal plans," he was quoted as saying by international news outlets.
France's decision has raised concerns that other members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) coalition may follow its example and accelerate their withdrawal plans, handing security prematurely to fledgling Afghan forces.
US President Barack Obama and other Nato leaders are expected to define more clearly Western withdrawal plans at the Chicago conference and outline measures to ensure Afghanistan does not collapse into civil war when foreign troops go home.
German army located in northern Afghanistan to continue its withdrawal plans
And they accuse this government of still not giving them enough helicopter cover and raise serious questions about our withdrawal plans.
An Israeli official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is diplomatically sensitive, said Monday Israel continues to discuss withdrawal plans with the U.