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After December 2012, the business and industrial community was also penalized with a series of controversial SROs introducing large scale changes in taxation structures and enhancing the rates of Sales Tax, With-Holding Tax.
It would help promote the construction industry and the associated industries-the duty on tyre and scrap has been cut to half at 10 percent from 20 percent-the limit of with-holding tax on withdrawal of cash from a bank has been doubled to Rs 50,000 from Rs 25,000-- the Export Development Fund has been enhanced to Rs ten billion.
May be the import prices will decrease after increase of with-holding tax from 2 to 4%.
In its proposals for national budget 2012-2013 sent to FBR, the premier chamber of Pakistan said that high rates of Customs Duty, Sales Tax and With-Holding Tax on import of raw materials, intermediate and finished goods must be brought down to curb smuggling and illegal imports under the guise of Afghan Transit Trade.
iii) Contractors/sub-contractors for designing, supply of plant and equipment and construction of power project will be subject to with-holding tax [at] 4% of gross receipts which will be the final discharge of income tax holiday.