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Rally (recovery)

An upward movement of prices. Opposite of reaction.


A rapid increase in stock prices. A rally occurs when investors begin buying one or more stocks in large amounts, which represents an increase in demand and therefore raises the price. A rally may happen following a prolonged decrease in price, indicating that a security has been oversold and the rally is likely to be sustained. Alternately, it may be a bear market rally, which is a brief respite between two downturns.


A fairly sharp, short-term general rise in security prices after a period of little movement or of declining prices.


A rally is a significant short-term recovery in the price of a stock or commodity, or of a market in general, after a period of decline or sluggishness.

Stocks that make a particularly strong recovery in a particular sector or in the market as a whole are often said to be leading the rally, a reference to the term's origins in combat, where an officer would lead his rallying troops back into battle. While a rally may signal the beginning of a bull market, it doesn't necessarily do so.

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For more information about the Windows Rally program, please visit the following website: http://www.
Our inclusion of Microsoft Windows Rally support is a significant step in Monsoon's mission to enrich the consumer TV experience for the connected home.
Windows Rally is a technological breakthrough connecting PCs and network devices.
LOS ANGELES, May 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Further demonstrating its leadership in the development and implementation of new storage management technologies, Seagate Technology teamed up with Microsoft today at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in showcasing Windows Rally technologies by setting up six network devices in six minutes.
Windows Vista(TM) is designed to provide PC users a superior multimedia experience, as well as the ability to enjoy that experience elsewhere in their homes," said Glenn Ward, group partner manager for Windows Rally at Microsoft Corp.
The Windows Rally technologies provide manufacturers of network-connected devices with an architecture that enables effortless setup, more secure and manageable connectivity to other devices and computers, and rich end-user experiences.