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As the creator of the world's first dual 4G WiMAX + LTE single-chip solution, Sequans applauds the WiMAX Forum's WiMAX Advanced initiative," said Georges Karam, President & CEO of Sequans Communications.
WiMAX Forum research showed that WiMAX deployments cover more than 430 Million POPs worldwide, and are forecasted to reach 800 Million POPs by the end of 2010.
Throughout 2008, service providers are expected to expand current Mobile WiMAX deployments to broader populations in their regions.
Leading the market with the most widely deployed WiMAX system in the world, Alvarion is leading the market to Open WiMAX solutions with the most extensive deployments and proven product portfolio in the industry covering the full range of frequency bands with both fixed and mobile solutions.
WiMAX is a standardized wireless technology designed to offer connectivity in a metropolitan area network (MAN).
The WiMAX Forum is an industry-led, non-profit corporation formed to help promote and certify the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products using the IEEE 802.
We continue to experience strong demand for our fixed WiMAX products, particularly from incumbent and competitive carriers in high-growth markets.
Our WiMAX approach is generating marketplace momentum as we continue to win designs with companies who supply high volume, time-to-market WiMAX equipment to service providers," said Jeff Timbs, director of marketing for Freescale's Digital Systems Division.
As a leading customer for the CEVA-X1641 DSP, Comsys' background in cellular technology proved essential during the development stage, enabling CEVA to architect the DSP core specifically to meet the demanding performance requirements of converged cellular/mobile WiMAX and 4G baseband processing.
Operator Centric All IP Best-of-breed Ecosystem Advances WiMAX Networks with Improved Network Cost and Smooth Integration of New Services
With Successful Deployments in Kiev and Kharkov, UHT to Extend WiMAX Network in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, and Lviv
Industry-leading WiMAX Platform Enables Top Taiwanese Operator to Deliver Broadband Data Services in Central Taiwan