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A "goodbye and thank you" message now appears on the Whosit and Whatsit website.
Now Whosit & Whatsit founder Miss Atkinson has designs on transforming it back to its former glory, and much of the repair costs and rip-out work has already been carried out.
BILL KENWRIGHT is unlikely to be handing Gary Naysmith complimentary tickets for his 3,000,000th production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Whatsit.
Perhaps news about the appalling nature of war has not yet reached the wilds of Melton Whatsit,' he suggests.
Last week's Sunday Mirror pointed out the dangers BEFORE the whatsit hit the fan last Sunday so there is little point in adding any more coal to the fire
Don't confuse this with the nasty bare metal left exposed on the neighbour's 20-year-old Whatsit - this is deliberate, and it looks and feels a treat.
The first, Best Newcomer, went to Naomi Atkinson, whose Quayside shop Whosit & Whatsit has been a hit in displaying lines by independent designers.
Whosit & Whatsit is a new store that sells crafted products created solely by independent designers not usually found on the high street.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER Across: 7 Pilgrim 9 Hindu 10 Nomad 11 Sold out 12 Son 13 Priority 16 Toboggan 17 Pin 19 Bacardi 21 Rarer 22 Dimes 23 Knees-up Down: 1 Spanish 2 Flamingo 3 Brad 4 Children 5 Undo 6 Quite 8 Missing link 13 Progress 14 Top brass 15 Entraps 18 Abode 20 Came 21 Reef QUICKIE Across: 1 Shipwrecked 8 Ale 9 Dud 11 Pianist 12 Rhino 13 Amp 14 Ted 15 Rainbow 17 Tug 19 Obey 21 Used 23 Twee 25 Vamp 27 Doc 29 Arsenal 31 Rap 34 Lid 36 Gross 37 Pasture 38 Oil 39 Dot 40 Destination Down: 1 Slim 2 Heap 3 Private 4 Rating 5 Cargo 6 Edit 7 Dune 8 Apart 10 Dodgy 16 Woe 18 Gum 20 Bed 22 Spa 24 Whatsit 25 Virgo 26 Deepen 28 Cadet 30 Resit 32 Arid 33 Pole 34 Ludo 35 Iron
wa comHbad "w the the Sky He said that this line of work has a name thanks to rival companies "who take the absolute whatsit, they are quite happy to lie to customer, saying 'Yeah, we are TV'.
But "Puffball" turns out to be all too aptly named--a misshapen whatsit with nothing very substantial inside.
Why then, do I seem to have spent the past four Sundays in front of the telly watching Jeremy Clarkson and his stomach overhang talking about the new Mazda XJ whatsit, and - someone help me - actually enjoying it?