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Qatar is the second country added to the Westlaw Gulf brand - the first being Dubai, which had offices set up in 2010.
Meanwhile, LexisNexis and Westlaw claimed they had a right to use the documents in question under the fair-use doctrine because they were generally available to the public through the Pacer filing system.
Alastair Graham, the managing director of Lexgulf, said, "We are very pleased to be supplying our high-quality translations alongside Westlaw Gulf.
Westlaw Chinaceo Stephen Yao noted that "more and more western businesses have operations in China and the law firms that represent them are now growing their presence in China as well.
The citator services on both Lexis and Westlaw include a full display of citing authorities with hyperlinks so that you can immediately read what those authorities have to say.
Thomson plans to concentrate on its technology businesses, such as Westlaw - a move Loislaw also believes may be a sign that its product is beginning to grab marker share from these larger competitors.
For example, RIA's OnPoint can be integrated with CLR/Fast-Tax, and other RIA electronic publications are linked to Lacerte and CPAid tax software; Matthew Bender has a tiein with WestLaw, and BNA is offering its Tax Management Portfolios under the CCH search software.
The professors did want access to the Internet during class for searches of Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw.
In February, two lawyers sued the popular legal databases LexisNexis and Westlaw, saying they violate lawyers' copyrights by reproducing their legal documents.
The new Westlaw Gulf service offers a full suite of legal research tools and a database of legislation and cases for lawyers operating across the Gulf region.
Thomson Reuters, a leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, has launched Westlaw Gulf, a legal research service created specifically for professionals in the Middle East.