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According to Mashable, the credit goes to Facebook, who went public in 2012, and raised the aggregate figure for Internet IPOs to 18.
The data show no evidence that Democratic presidents went public more vigorously for liberal median movers, but several specifications suggest Republican presidents did so for conservative median movers.
Even after the shift to a paperless share system, only six firms went public in March, compared to 12 firms a year earlier, the auditing firm said.
based builder of single-family homes active mostly in the West and Southwest, and one of the best-known cases of a successful company that went public in a reverse merger.
Cornwell says Wall Street is the toughest he's ever seen since Granite went public in 1992.
Ruehle, CFO of Broadcom in Irvine, California--a broadband-communications integrated circuits manufacturer that went public in April 1998--stresses the need for flexibility in developing comparisons.
In general, the Venture Economics analysis examined all companies that received expansion-stage financing from venture capitalists and went public from 1983 to 1993.
An eye-popping new study by Shai Bernstein, an assistant professor of finance at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, finds that innovation slowed down by about 40 percent at tech companies after they went public.
DreamWorks Animation, spinning off from privately held parent DreamWorks SKG, will be going head-to-head against Pixar Animation Studios, which went public nine years ago and currently dominates the sector.
Hired as CFO shortly after the company went public, Traul was quickly named CEO following the ouster of the previous chief executive.
Robert Johnson, chief executive of BET Holdings, ran into a bit of rough going when he went public in 1992.