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Yet wherer were the well-heeled and celebrity e activistsi when local campaignersr fought the Llandowo plans, losing an expensix vei public inquiry?
WELL-HEELED Claire with fakes and, below, Carol in the real deal
The beach drew in well-heeled tourists, making Beaumaris a principal Welsh tourist resort by the 1800s.
They meet by chance at a cafe on the titular Parisian street, located in a well-heeled Right Bank neighborhood near the Arc de Triomphe.
Hearty, tasty appetizers include jerked shrimp sushi roll and Malaysian free-range chicken satay expressly created to accommodate the well-heeled networking crowd.
The Anatomy of Power: Texas and the Religious Right in 2006" examines the Religious Right's control over the Republican Party of Texas and includes chapters on well-heeled voucher advocate James Leininger, "Christian nation" propagandist David Barton and the Texas Restoration Project, an effort to lure conservative churches into partisan politics.
The unfortunate effect is to make justice more available to the well-heeled, and only to the rest of us if we happen to be killed or maimed in an accident that could prove lucrative for a plaintiff's attorney.
While there has been an effort to have cars for the well-heeled masses--as in the X-Type and the S-Type--there will now be more of an emphasis on vehicles that are for the really well-heeled.
For anyone who has contemplated the economic realities of musicians, or wondered why Mozart was so poor and Liszt so well-heeled, this book will satisfy your thirst for that knowledge.
Whether their bairns are born to run or born to shop, giving birth in Harvey Nichols would ensure they would be well-heeled in future
Well-heeled venture capitalists aren't the only ones getting in early on the cleantech revolution.
In his "Fear of a Brown Planet" [June 28] Roberto Lovato states: "The Sierra Club recently fended off a hostile takeover by a new breed of well-heeled, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino activists who believe they're defending American civilization against the balkanizing and breeding barbarians from the South.