Price-weighted index

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Price-weighted index

An index giving a greater influence to higher-valued stocks by weighting all component stocks by their price.

Price-Weighted Index

An index that tracks a number of securities in which price changes in stocks that already have higher prices affect the index's price changes more than other securities. For example, suppose an index tracks three stocks: A, B, and C. If A has a higher price than B and C, an uptick in A will be more likely to result in an uptick in the index as a whole (depending on how much more weighted it is). Price weighted indices are less common than capitalization-weighted indices, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a prominent example.
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Minimum prices and weighted average prices of tobacco.
Apart from the above, the weighted average prices of flue-cured Virginia and white patta tobaccoes stand protected under the provisions of provincial laws in NWFP (reproduced below) as follow:
White Patta Tobacco: The weighted average prices to be paid by the tobacco companies and tobacco dealers, agents and mandiwalas during 1985 crop shall not be less than paisa 750 per kg.
The Notes are convertible into shares of MFC common stock at a price equal to 80% of the average of the two lowest daily volume weighted average prices for the twenty-five trading days prior to the date of conversion, but in no event lower than a floor price of $.
Volume weighted average prices are also provided with large flat panel TVs seeing the fastest price declines over the past 12 months at up to 52%.
5% per annum to be paid quarterly in cash or, subject to certain conditions, can be paid in shares of Common Stock at a conversion rate of 95% of an average of the volume weighted average prices of the Common Stock for the 20 trading days preceding such payment.
The said subscription prices were determined on the basis of the trade volume weighted average prices of the Nokia share on the Helsinki Exchanges during the trading days of the second whole week of the second month of the respective calendar quarter in the year 2002.

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