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8220;Exabytes bundle package allows website owners to safeguard their data stored on their websites especially customers' financial information by taking effective steps to prevent website hacking, viruses, SQL injection, etc, protect important business or personal data on PCs and laptops by backing up online as well as enhance their online identity and regional competitiveness in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific,” CEO of Exabytes KS Chan said in a statement.
The CC certification assures Gilian customers that the G-Server offers the highest level of Web protection possible for combating website hacking and protecting against application-level attacks, and for protecting corporate applications from compromise.
5, a security appliance that both prevents website hacking and protects corporate applications and networks from outside compromise.
By Martin Abbugao/Singapore A rash of website hackings in the Asia-Pacific has exposed weak cyber defences which must be improved to help the region deal with more sophisticated and sinister threats, particularly from criminal organisations.