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He said the Tube Web spider was not native to Britain but was increasingly found around ports and docks and added: "Like many other spiders, it can bite which could cause discomfort although it has no lasting effects.
Interestingly, those practitioners willing to treat the most life-threatening of the spider bites (ie funnel web spider bites) were also those willing to treat snake bites.
We have been interested in orb web spiders as ecosystem engineers and the effects of their constructions on other terrestrial arthropods throughout Central Europe.
Washington, Nov 23 (ANI): Golden orb web spiders have an undisclosed weapon - a chemical repellent which they add to their web silk to fend off ants, a new study has suggested.
undisturbed) average lengths of web site residencies (days or nights) recorded for various orb web spider guilds or species (Ar = Araneidae, N 5 Nephilidae, Te = Tetragnathidae) and exemplars from the Agelenidae (Ag), Linyphiidae (L) and Theridiidae (Th).
At least we might be thankful that for all our problems there are not too many crocodiles lurking on our river banks nor funnel web spiders making an uninvited entry as we sit idly counting the tiles on the bathroom wall.
Silk mediated defense by an orb web spider against predatory mud-dauber wasps.
FUR OUT: Our bat is fangs-tastic, but the Sphinx Cat has it licked for looks; BORN SLIPPY: The hungry Moray Eel is armed with razor-sharp teeth; EYES HAVE IT: The Funnel Web Spider is always eager for passing trade; TAILS YOU LOSE: Try your luck with the Two Headed Shingleback; SO CREEPY: A Termite Queen and her workers, left, and the Elephant Weevil; ODOUR EATER: The Star Nosed Mole is officially the planet's fastest muncher
The premier issue of Newsline will highlight recently-added features and information available on the ALM Research Online(TM) Web site, including a new database of law firm-related articles, advanced search features and the Law Firm Web Spider, which enables searches of more than 800 law firm Web sites.
Vollrath & Selden (2007) suggest that orb web spider evolution might be a predator-prey arms race concurrent with the rise of the modern flying insects (pterygote Neoptera).
Determinants of web spider species diversity: vegetation structural diversity vs.