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Public debates over subsidized weather insurance often ignore the over-development and excessive risk distortion, because they focus on a myth: the myth that insurance must always be affordable.
Excess Weather, the weather insurance business division of Warwick, will be integrated with ILS Capital s operation in London.
Her substantial product expertise includes event cancellation and non-appearance, special event liability, prize indemnity, over redemption, and weather insurance.
These technology competencies form the basis of the platform that powers our major product areas: crop insurance, weather insurance, and web and mobile software tools.
We present buffer loads (BLs) for an index-based weather insurance and display the effects of spatial diversification.
Formerly known as WeatherBill, the company offers field-level weather insurance for corn, soybean and winter wheat crops, paying policyholders if specific weather events occur during the growing season.
and have been marketing and selling its Total Weather Insurance (TWI) because my farmers have become more concerned about the weather patterns in the last few years.
American Business Conferences: Extreme Weather Insurance Risk Management Congress 2013, www.
In a groundbreaking move, the African Union (AU) recently adopted an innovative project which will combine national contingency plans with international weather insurance coverage to better manage drought and food security emergencies on the continent.
The Financial Inclusion Solutions Group at ICICI Lombard which manages the Weather Insurance portfolio has been continuously leveraging its product expertise and offering cost effective services supported by innovative technology solutions to reach the economically weaker sections of society.
In some cases, the most useful tools might be weather insurance or a rainfall index; in others, it could be a hedge on energy prices to keep transport and input costs low.
Risk management products, such as weather insurance or a hedge on energy prices to keep transport and input costs low, should also be considered, he said.