weak dollar

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Weak dollar

A depreciated dollar with respect to other currencies, meaning that more dollars are needed to buy a unit of foreign currency. Antithesis of strong dollar.

Weak Dollar

The U.S. dollar when it is worth less relative to other currencies. Because the dollar is a floating currency, its value varies according to market trends. When one dollar trades for fewer units of one or more other currencies, it is known as a weak dollar. See also: Strong dollar, Exchange rate.

weak dollar

A dollar that is of smaller value relative to foreign currencies. A weak dollar exchanges for fewer units of other currencies compared with the units for which it could have been exchanged in the past. A weak dollar tends to help U.S. firms that rely heavily on foreign sales because the firms' products will cost less in terms of the foreign currencies. A weak dollar hurts consumers of foreign goods because these goods cost more in terms of U.S. dollars. Compare strong dollar. See also exchange rate.
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aircraft builders have to contend with the same market conditions, their labor costs, paid in weak dollars, are comparatively lower.
But hit by the weak dollar, an overcrowded and slack market for the passenger airliners it builds and high labor and restructuring costs, Fokker seems to have run out of fuel.