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Stock that has fallen out of favor with investors; stock that tends to have a low P/E (price-to-earnings ratio).

Orphan Stock

A stock that is not often tracked by analysts. This may be because it is not very well known or because it belongs to an industry that is generally performing poorly. As a result these stocks have low demand and often a low price. Some value investors recommend buying orphan stocks because they could be undervalued. However, because demand is low, orphan stocks have low trading volume and a small change in demand may result in volatility in price. An orphan stock is also called a wallflower.


An out-of-favor security, company, or industry.
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The three-day show at Meols Hall in Churchtown, which was continuing today,featured a sneak preview of a new wall flower due to be unveiled at this year's Chelsea flower show,as well as an attempt to set a world record for the most garden gnomes ever assembled in one place.
HEEL DEAL Gillian is no wall flower BACK IN BLACK Actress looks slim and trim SHOOT Closer mag
Lively Bisson is far from the wall flower he came across as on the hit reality show.
But this year, there's noneed to blush helplessly and wilt like a wall flower when the object of your desires walks through the door.
The three-day show, which continues today,featured a sneak preview of a new wall flower due to be unveiled at this year's Chelsea flower show,as well as a world record attempt to get the most garden gnomes together in one place.
cottage garden faves such as delphiniums, petunias, rudbeckia and wall flowers.
GIVE your outdoor space a vintage vibe by planting old-fashioned cottage garden faves such as delphiniums, wall flowers, petunias and rudbeckia.
gt;Ceramic Animal Wall Vase, hare, PS35, Graham and Green WALL FLOWERS Wall flowers are generally thought of as the shy, retiring types at parties, but this floral arrangement will be bold and eye-catching.
Encourage your representatives to chat with any wall flowers or to help introduce attendees to other guests.
The garden is best seen in spring and includes varieties of plants that would have graced the gardens during Witley Court's Victorian heyday: orange, red and gold wall flowers, Forget-me-nots, and three varieties of tulips - purple Van der Neer, bright red Keizerskroon and crimson Couleur Cardinal.