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A second explanation for this finding is that Alta Vista's link:URLtext command reports every WWW page that contains the specific link, but does not eliminate duplicate results.
This site is generally updated every two to three months, making it extremely reliable in terms of availability and up-to-date information, at least in WWW page terms and lifetimes.
Web page design has become an increasingly significant function for nearly every organization, and WWW page designers are faced with fierce competition to provide both creative and functional solutions in Web development," said Pleczko.
In addition to a winner for best overall WWW page, awards will be given for eight other categories, including "Best Use of Graphics" and "Best Use of Interactive Features.
Approved products will also be listed on the Integralis WWW page, with the option of joint hot links to the respective company home page.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Consult MIPS ABI Group's WWW page (www.
Cheyenne can be contacted at (800) 243-9462 (US and Canada) or (516) 484-5110, or by visiting its WWW page at http://www.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Avital WWW Page was designed to be viewed with
EMBLAZE begins displaying the animation immediately upon clicking on a hyper-text object in a WWW page.