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11) Today's captains, without a doubt, enhance the military with adaptable experts, standing ready to counter the entire range of CBRN and WMD threats across the full spectrum of operations.
They also underscore the importance of having a group of well-trained, motivated first responders at post that can step up to address the special circumstances presented by WMD incidents, natural disasters and other large-scale events.
Turning to the modern security sector writ large, the author effectively imparts its intricacy to the reader, but diverges in his discussion on law enforcement, border management, and criminal activity without explicit connection to the WMD theme.
I want to thank former Senators Jim Talent and Bob Graham for their work on the WMD Commission.
The WMD Commission was established in 2007 to develop a bipartisan - and, hopefully, politically acceptable - analysis of the threat posed by WMD proliferation and make recommendations about how to combat it.
And today, Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear technology and missile systems that could deliver WMD in direct violation of the UN Security Council.
Dubai Customs organizes a training program for WMD control40 inspectors & a number of officers from Dubai Civil Defense participated in the comprehensive, first-of-its-kind program in the region
PSI was initiated precisely because there is no blanket legal authority to interrupt a ship's navigation for a WMD inspection and because the situations in which national self-defense could and should be used to seize WMD are extremely limited (see Doolin, pp.
In that case, the primary category would be terrorism with WMD as the secondary one.
However, as this seems to be the season for politic apologies, I'd say we, the American people collectively, deserve at least such an apology from Iraq's recently remonstrative, ``not America's man in Iraq'' premier, Nouri al-Maliki, for the Iraqi WMD fabricators, collectively.
Twelve essays discuss possible connections between WMD and terrorism, progress in military counterforce capability (the ability to target WMD infrastructure), missile defense, passive defense, consequence management, counter-WMD concepts of operation at US and allied air bases, and counterproliferation cooperation with allies.
As late as January 2004, the CIA's Washington headquarters was worried about David Kay's allegations that there were no WMD in Iraq and about how George Tenet could answer McCain when Tenet testified before Congress.