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It's already that time of the year: W2 forms, Schedule C filings and those Form 1099 mailings are being printed and prepared ahead of the dreaded tax deadline.
The scam is simple: A district employee, often in the payroll or human resources department, receives an email from'what looks like a central office administrator, asking for employees' W2 forms and personal or financial information.
With a single-user account, employees can access all payroll related data such as new hire documentation, pay stubs, and W2 forms.
W2 forms - 10,000 sheets of paper which will be used to print employee W2 forms.
Are there really local churches that ask their members to submit copies of their W2 forms for the purpose of monitoring tithes?
Some triggers are earned income credit (a high dollar refund would cause the IRS to question whether children claimed are actually dependents), home offices (in cases of high deductions in comparison to earnings, home depreciation, or withholding), tax shelter losses, unreported income on 1099 forms, and inaccurate W2 forms.
Parents and students are encouraged to bring financial data, including their most recent tax returns, 2010 W2 forms, Social Security number and bank statements.
The W2 forms of more than 3,400 teachers have so far been found to be inaccurate.
They can also view their accrued time-off and retrieve W2 forms, taking the burden off busy HR departments.
To make enrollment easy the program asks participants to affirm their income level but does not require tax returns, W2 forms or other financial documents.
To accomplish this, Fowler believes the next step in the evolution of e-filing is to require information such as W2 forms, bank statements and broker statement be made available to taxpayers electronically.