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For questions or assistance regarding voting of shares or completion of ADS voting instruction cards, please contact MacKenzie Partners, Inc.
Shareholders and ADS holders who have previously submitted their proxy or ADS voting instruction card, and who do not want to change their vote, need not take any action and your proxy or ADS voting instruction card will be counted according to your previous vote or instructions.
completed white ADS Voting Instruction Cards from 18 January
NEW YORK & LONDON -- NDS Group plc today announced that, in connection with the proposed transaction to take NDS private, it has extended the deadline for the return of ADS Voting Instruction Cards by holders of NDS American Depositary Shares, originally scheduled to occur at 5:00 p.
Other than the deadline for return of ADS Voting Instruction Cards, which has been extended as described above, all other instructions and procedures indicated on the ADS Voting Instruction Cards and in the notices from The Bank of New York Mellon accompanying such ADS Voting Instruction Cards remain unchanged, continue to be applicable and should be followed in all respects.
For ADR holders, the voting instruction cards must be returned to the Bank of New York prior to 5:00 pm on June 15, 2005.
New York time) on Depositary of completed white ADS 18 January Voting Instruction Cards from registered holders of ebookers ADSs Latest time for receipt by the 10.
The Company said that, in an effort to facilitate voting by stockholders whose shares are held in "street name" by a broker or other nominee, it had mailed to certain of such stockholders additional voting instruction cards, which include instructions as to how to vote by phone or internet.
Holders owning shares through Titan's employee benefit plans will need information from their voting instruction cards to vote via the Internet or by telephone.