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The state of a company being able to service its debt and meet its other obligations, especially in the long-term. Solvency is a necessary condition for a business to operate. If a company is unable to meet its obligation, it is said to be insolvent and must undergo bankruptcy in order to either liquidate or restructure. See also: Insolvency risk, Accounting insolvency.


Able to meet debts or discharge liabilities. Compare insolvent.
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With the use of less volatile solvents, the choice of the most suitable evaporating area and some caliberation, the method is expected to be useful to discriminate effectively plastic grain sizes.
Individuals were identified as being volatile solvent users from previous research, which examined self-reported substance use among 1,392 students in five high schools (Odgers et al.
The choice of volatile solvent is very limited because most of known volatile solvents for polymers are not miscible with water.
TABLE 2 Lifetime Prevalence of Specific Types of Volatile Solvent Inhalant Use Among Adolescents with a History of Nitrous Oxide and Volatile Solvent Use (NO +VS, N=103) and Adolescents with a History of Volatile Solvent Use but no History of Nitrous Oxide Use (VS-Only, N = 164) * Inhalant Product Lifetime Lifetime Prevalence Prevalence NO+VS Users VS-Only Users N (%) N (%) Gasoline 65 (63.
The solution of the highly volatile solvent and the polymer can clot the nozzle or other components of the svsicm easily.
where n is the number of moles of the volatile solvent in the bubble.
For a highly volatile solvent such as chloroform, one expects to have very significant evaporation during the spin-off stage, which causes a rapid rise in solution viscosity, thus leading to [[t.
US 6,231,875 B1: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Product Companies has patented an acidifed composition comprising at least one active agent, one acidifier and one volatile solvent for a topical treatment of nail and skin conditions.
To remove higher boiling solvents, evaporators with Auto-Defrost and Drain are able to achieve the lower pressures required quickly without the traditional problem of volatile solvent boiling out of the condenser spoiling the vacuum.
As such, this instrument can be used for fuel cell gas analyses, fermentation monitoring, determination of volatile solvent residues, and monitoring of petrochemical process streams.
The EZ-Envi is suited specifically for concentration of volatile solvents prior to analysis, the EZ-Standard for drying water and volatile solvents, the EZ-2 Plus for working with solvents with higher boiling points (up to 165 C) and the EZ-2 Elite for more difficult solutions such as DMSO and NMP, or fast freeze drying.
Dr Mohammad Iqbal Bhanger stressed that traditional methods were mostly time consuming and require relatively large quantities of volatile solvents.

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