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He was fascinated with them and their work because ''they choose to take risks to be VJs,'' risking their own lives and the safety of their families since they ''can end up in jail for 20 years, 30-40 years if they are caught by military intelligence,'' he said.
Cost-cutting and new technology will inevitably push more stations to use VJs.
He hired VJs who were not allowed to say anything about anything, even the video clips they announced--which at that time were the only content aside from ads.
BitTorrent's live studio stream featuring DJ Lance DeSardi and VJ K4 will feed into the Xmobb 3D virtual club at 8 p.
An excellent compatibility with digital creation programs : DJ & VJ softwares, Ableton, After Effects,.
ASPIRING DJs and VJs are being given a dream opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people at this year's Oxegen music festival.
Ex Public Image bass player Jah Wobble will join drummer Jaki Liebezeit, VJs and dub artists to create Twilight City - Industrial Versioned.
Working with VJs Yeast, 21 primary schools have made short films reacting to themes including inside, outside, home, fear and hope.
We're looking into having VJs with projectors and art as a backdrop so we create a sort of collective.
Again the event starts with Brazilian dance workshops from 8pm until 10pm (included in the pounds 5 admission charge) and continues through until 3am with an array of music, colour, DJs, VJs and surprises.
There'll also be DJs playing and VJs creating film and music, plus a wide selection of food and drink to suit all tastes.