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Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. A programming language that allows a programmer to interact with a program while it is running. BASIC is very simple and was designed for instructional purposes. However, it underlies both the DOS and Windows operating systems.

BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)

a simple COMPUTER programming language widely used by nonspecialists for programming computers.
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Stephens' Visual Basic Programming 24-Hour Trainer is an exceptional book-and-DVD package that will have you programming in Visual Basic in no time.
Our understanding of the issues facing Visual Basic developers as they strive to use the power of the .
With AppForge, developers can write applications using Visual Basic and run those applications on multiple mobile and wireless platforms.
6 generates ASP code for a Web browser front-end, enabling users to run their Visible Developer Visual Basic applications over the Internet.
The integrated offering from @hand and AppForge will allow companies to streamline application initiatives by leveraging Visual Basic developer skills across an array of Windows CE, Pocket PC and Palm OS devices.
Receiving the Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Readers Choice Awards confirms that we are listening to our customers and that we are providing solutions that meet their day-to-day needs," said Doug Pushard, general manager of the distributed data management business unit for BMC Software.
This round of funding will enable AppForge to hire additional resources and continue marketing our Visual Basic development environment for the Palm OS," said Doug Armstrong, founder and chief executive officer of AppForge.
That AppForge is empowering the Visual Basic developers of the world to create applications for Palm Powered handhelds is great news for users," said Jerry Jalaba, vice president, Enterprise, at Palm, Inc.
Embedding Visual Basic for Applications into our solutions perfectly fits with our Open Architecture strategy and confirms our joint efforts with Microsoft to provide customers with a large range of development tools in our digital manufacturing solutions," said Michael I.
Asset360 Enterprise represents a unique advantage for Visual Basic programmers developing customized desktop asset management solutions," said Dave Edson, technical product manager at Microsoft.

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