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Block storage virtualization utilizes an intelligent hardware platform that is either embedded directly into the storage network or sits between virtualized storage and the SAN.
Virtualization can benefit insurance IT departments through:
All of these data and stories are collected in this research report, to provide end user organizations and software vendors with a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative research into real world experiences of endpoint virtualization.
For a first-hand perspective on how to prepare for and overcome challenges with application virtualization, I turned to Ray Leitz, CTO of AcXess, a business continuity provider for SMEs.
It is based on new empirical research - including an extensive survey, focal interviews, and case studies - into virtualization and the IT management implications of virtualization technologies.
These file virtualization switches use industry standard CIFS and NFS protocols to virtualize existing heterogeneous file systems.
Focusing on server, operating system, application, and desktop virtualization, this Advisory Note outlines the top ten questions that every enterprise should ask in order to determine if virtualization is right for them.
The initial deployments of intelligent switches during the first half of 2006 will support virtualization services, where the switch's intelligence (read: deep packet inspection and operation) will be used to perform virtual disk address to physical disk address translations in addition to supporting RAID (mirroring, striping) features at the array-level.
But virtualization can be applied to all IT resources from servers to storage to networks to desktops and is not one-size-fits-all.
OS-level Virtualization and Always Available Configurations: OS-level virtualization can be a crucial part of an always available disaster recovery solution.
Along with HP-UX 11i v3, the two new servers deliver mission-critical virtualization on a standards-based platform to help create an Adaptive Infrastructure in any enterprise.
As an example, we can't help but see the marketing of in-band storage virtualization solutions to small environments (as small as 2TB) as failing this test.