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WePOWER's complete Falcon line of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines have met the rigorous standards of the California Energy Commission and have been approved by the CEC to be placed on the List of Eligible Small Wind Turbines.
PacWind has invented, engineered, and is in full production on an innovative line of vertical axis wind turbines that can be installed nearly anywhere
military, with a computer controlled power management system that delivers uninterrupted power generation from a combination of vertical axis wind turbines, solar panels, battery systems and the grid when needed.
They love how our vertical axis turbines can be installed almost anywhere, due to their compact design and how they can capture and create energy from winds as low as 2.
More information on the SeaHawk Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is available at: http://www.
WePOWER will manage all business operations related to the energy created by PacWind's vertical axis wind turbines including the tax incentives, energy rebates and carbon credits.
A special braking mechanism on the vertical axis overcomes the heaviness of the drive.
SPICE: Simulated Pore Interactive Computing Experiment -- the project aims to understand the vital process of translocation of biomolecules across protein pores by computing the free energy profile of the translocating biomolecule along the vertical axis of the pore.
Extruded aluminum construction with telescoping vertical axis, linear-bearing guideways, and self-lubricated cylinders.
Gartner's Magic Quadrant positions vendors between vertical and horizontal axes with the horizontal axis representing completeness of vision and the vertical axis indicating ability to execute.
Dermond is developing three 75 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine prototypes for installation in three different environments indigenous to targeted markets to prove Dermond Vertical Axis technological improvements.
Addressing processors' growing desire to capture fleeting process events, an eightfold increase in resolution from 11 to 14 bits lets users see more information on a shot profile's vertical axis.