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I remember the old days of common white verticals that 'ud show two or three hundred feet up in a mist, if you knew where to look for 'em.
We may stop here, and die of asphyxiation when our atmosphere tanks are empty," replied Perry, "or we may continue on with the slight hope that we may later sufficiently deflect the prospector from the vertical to carry us along the arc of a great circle which must eventually return us to the surface.
There is reason to believe that the complete extinction of the species of a group is generally a slower process than their production: if the appearance and disappearance of a group of species be represented, as before, by a vertical line of varying thickness, the line is found to taper more gradually at its upper end, which marks the progress of extermination, than at its lower end, which marks the first appearance and increase in numbers of the species.
The tubes, as I have already remarked, enter the sand nearly in a vertical direction.
They are not like cups between the hills; for this one, which is so unusually deep for its area, appears in a vertical section through its centre not deeper than a shallow plate.
But if, using the shortest diameter of Loch Fyne, we apply these proportions to Walden, which, as we have seen, appears already in a vertical section only like a shallow plate, it will appear four times as shallow.
Options: Accumulator-assisted injection; Vario off-centered injection; vertical parting-line injection; cavity-pressure transfer; thermoset, PET, and multi-component configurations.
What have been the trends since the previous DSB study on Vertical Integration?
Once he established Vertical, some key pieces began falling into place for him.
Boreal: 500 vertical feet; nine lifts; (530) 426-3666; www.
We tend to think about the need to verticalize an outsourcing offering as following an 80/20 rule--about 80% of an outsourcing offering is applicable to all vertical markets and about 20% needs to be modified for the specific needs of an industry.
When offensive coordinators first see an inside-leveraged corner with a two-deep look on top, their first inclination is to pass the ball up field with a quick vertical pass on the sideline.