variable-rate certificate of deposit

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Variable-Rate Certificate of Deposit

A certificate of deposit for which the interest rate changes according to some formula at set intervals. Investors use variable-rate certificates of deposit when they want a low-risk investment but expect prevailing interest rates to rise during the life of the CD. See also: Variable-rate bond.

variable-rate certificate of deposit

A certificate of deposit that pays a rate of interest that changes at predetermined intervals according to a specified formula or a key interest rate. This savings instrument is most appropriate if the investor expects short-term interest rates to rise before the certificates mature.
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The downtown law firm was paid $177,000 to be the bond counsel for the variable-rate certificates of participation - and it served as risk analyst and advocate for the Belmont project.
28 million class I A-1 and class II A-1 variable-rate certificates, are rated 'AAA' by Fitch IBCA.
NEW YORK -- On the effective date of June 28, 2012, Fitch Ratings will confirm the short-term 'F1' rating assigned to the $50,000,000 Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) water and sewer revenue variable-rate certificates of participation, series 2008G (the COPs).
O'Melveny & Myers was paid $177,000 as the bond counsel on the sale of the variable-rate certificates of participation.
California Statewide Communities Development Authority's variable-rate certificates of participation series 1996 at double-'A'-minus/'A-1'-plus-c.
SAN FRANCISCO -- As part of its ongoing surveillance, Fitch Ratings has affirmed the City of Glendale Financing Authority, California's variable-rate certificates of participation (COPs) at 'AA'.
O'Melveny & Myers was paid $177,000 as the bond counsel on the November 1997 sale of the variable-rate certificates of participation, which were used to finance Belmont's construction.
Underlying the variable-rate certificates is a $125 million first mortgage loan evidenced by a single floating-rate interest-only note that bears interest at one-month LIBOR plus 0.
Also, the city intends to issue $48 million in certificates of participation (COPs), half of which will be structured as variable-rate certificates, and developer fees would first pay debt service on the COPs (estimated at $2 million), with remaining amounts then reducing internal loans.
has assigned a rating of "Duff 1+" (one-plus) to the $400 million Class A-1 variable-rate certificates and a rating of "AAA" (Triple-A) to the $100 million Class A-2 variable-rate certificates issued by the CARCO Auto Loan Master Trust.
20, 2010, Fitch Ratings will confirm the short-term rating of 'F1+' assigned to the $55,000,000 City of Raleigh, North Carolina's variable-rate certificates of participation (COPs), series 2004A.
21, 2009, Fitch Ratings will upgrade the short-term rating to 'F1+' from 'F1' and confirm the long-term rating of 'AA+' assigned to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina variable-rate certificates of participation (COPS, or the certificates) (2006 Mecklenburg County).

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