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In an overstressed, overscheduled and overconnected world, vacations have become increasingly more important -- but the actual planning and managing of a vacation adds an even greater stress to the person's life," said Amber Raleigh, Founder and President, Effortless Vacations.
Should the hospital grant the additional vacation time?
For a vacation home that is a combination of personal and rental, the taxpayer both recognizes rental income and allocates expenses between personal and rental, based on the number of days the taxpayer used the residence for each.
Atlantis runs about nine vacations annually; upcoming events range from a 3,000-person Las Vegas vacation to a 40-person Kenyan safari.
Each vacation has a theme that is carried throughout--in the entertainment, decorations, craft activities and gifts for the residents.
Since vacation agreements like this occur commonly throughout industry and government, one might expect such a familiar, long-standing practice to inspire well-established accounting procedures for government contracts.
After selling traditional vacation ownership for over 20 years, Shell Vacations recognized that vacation lifestyles were changing.
Fully vested vacation pay accrued as of the end of a tax year meets the threshold criterion for tax accrual, since the employer's liability satisfies the all-events test: The fact of liability is certain, and the amount can be reasonably estimated.
Travelers now have the ability to make vacation choices based on their favorite activities, not just destinations.
In addition to offering travel agents a great consumer incentive to drive early 2007 sales, Delta Vacations also pays up to 15% commission on all Europe and Costa Rica bookings.
At HomeAway we are committed to offering the best vacation rental sites and user experience for travelers and homeowners -- the best and most efficient sites for owners to advertise their properties and the largest, most diverse inventory for travelers to find the perfect vacation rental home," says Brian Sharples, founder and CEO of HomeAway.
Part of our acquisition strategy involves consolidating regional travel agencies where it makes sense and we believe the business and customer base of West University Travel will be very complementary to Journeys Unlimited, the upscale Houston-based travel agency we acquired in September 2006," said Ed Rudner, Chief Executive Officer of Online Vacation Center Holding Corp.