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Key credit concerns include potential put risk related to its series 2009 VRDBs and recent challenges in profitability.
25x coverage of the outstanding VRDBs required under Fitch's Criteria for Assigning Short-Term Ratings Based on Self Liquidity.
36x coverage of the maximum authorized CP amount plus outstanding VRDBs.
9, 2012, press release (Fitch to Take Various Rating Actions on CPCFA VRDBs Series 01A, 06A and 07A), is effective today (Nov.
The 'F1+' rating is based on the availability of highly liquid, highly rated securities to cover potential maximum liquidity demands presented by Vanderbilt's outstanding VRDBs and CP notes.
28, 2012, press release (Fitch to Take Rtg Actions on $250MM Metropolitan Transp Auth Transp Rev VRDBs, Ser 2005E), is effective today (Oct.
1, 2012 press release (Fitch to Take Various Ratings Actions on the City of Chicago GO VRDBs Series 2002 B-3 and B-5), is effective today (Oct.
The maintenance of a strong balance sheet is important due to Deerfield's large debt load and put risk associated with the series 2008B VRDBs.
The VRDBS meets all data security requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and includes basic security features such as secure user ID and password, session timeout, role-based security administration and access, and secure data transfer.
1 million series 1992 bonds and a fixed rate direct placement for its $40 million series 1997B VRDBs.
The VRDBs are supported by a letter of credit from US Bank that expires in August 2013.
14, 2012, press release (Fitch to Upgrade CA Ent Dev Auth VRDBs (Alvardo Street Bakery), Ser '07 to