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VMS integration is an important service for erecruit customers, like MMI, who need technology to automatically load VMS reqs into erecruit and keep them up-to-date," said Sara Moss, Vice President, Staffing Best Practices, erecruit.
so longer follow-up is needed to better pinpoint the timing of cessation of VMS," they noted.
We've already hit into a significant VMS discovery.
Using our exclusive partnership with Autonomy to intelligently convert voice to text with a high level of effectiveness, VMS offers radio monitoring that truly is second to none.
We're ecstatic that Hunter Public Relations has joined the fast-growing stable of clients who recognize the power and depth of VMS," noted David Stephens, president of VMS.
Prior to joining VMS, Perchuk worked with AT&T where he was a founding member of the AT&T Digital Media Sales Center.
As our industry grows, helping companies to better understand VMS and choose the right provider are important challenges," Jackson said.
VMS is the industry leading broadcast monitoring provider with the deepest content database and the ability to deliver news coverage and competitive advertising content to our customers across a wide range of formats," said Peter Wengryn, President and CEO of VMS.
VMS offers platforms that provide users with unique data mining and visualization tools, and enhanced content search features, ensuring they can easily and efficiently manage, analyze, and understand data from all media types VMS delivers, including the Internet, print, radio, social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
and NEW YORK, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- BurrellesLuce and VMS, two of the world's leading monitoring companies, will host a welcome reception on June 20th for leading media relations professionals and journalists at this year's Media Relations 2004 conference in Washington, D.