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Best Practices also included the provision of Physical Facilities for teaching and learning hinge on the new paradigms of small group teaching and interactive pedagogy, while it covered quantity of the facility, quality of the facility, utility value of the facility, distribution and ratios, maintenance and replacement policy.
As part of the modernization of the wjh, The functionality of the interior is to be improved and the utility value increased.
Innowatts, a self-learning and self-serving retail energy platform providing customer-centric energy intelligence and business solutions across the utility value chain, has collaborated with mPrest, a global provider of mission-critical situational awareness, analytics, automation and control software for Grid Modernisation.
Malls too, will find new utility value, and those without cinemas will see a decline in footfall.
Malls, too, will find new utility value, and those without cinemas will see a decline in footfall.
Simmonds is one of those players who can play six, seven or eight, so that gives us utility value.
He points to the utility value of Stefan Ratchford and says second-rowers John Bateman and Ben Currie are earmarked for potential switches to centre.
1) We set up a game model of coalition formation to maximize the total utility value of the system.
He's a loose forward and has got a bit of utility value and is a bit of a firecracker.
The tasks related to utility value are significant as they are useful and related beyond urgent occasions.
He's got tremendous utility value, he's obviously been over in the Super League before and he made his NRL debut in 2008 at only 16, so he's got a lot of experience.
Statement by the jury - The consistent implementation of a convincing design idea not only increases the utility value of this vacuum bottle; it also lends it a distinctive look.