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9% of their usable funds, much lower than the corresponding 20%-30% of counterparts in the United Kingdom.
CLF regularly introduces cases that must be addressed immediately, so having usable funds is critical; the Campaign provides liquidity that will help get cases underway.
A typical closing went something like this: "Okay, but I must be paid in good, usable funds on the due date, or the price is 2 percent higher.
19% of the total usable funds held by the industry, according to statistics compiled by the Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII).
21% of the industry's total usable funds, a trend motivated by the uncertain investment climate due to the European debt crisis.
5% of usable funds and hitting an all-time high record.
Taiwan's life insurance industry has seen usable funds break the NT$1 trillion mark with the ratio of overseas investments exceeding 35%.
the flagship firm of the Fubon FHC, has invested NT$133 billion in the domestic bourse, accounting for 10% of its usable funds of NT$1.
4% of their usable funds, or approximately NT$600 billion (US$18.