paper gain

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Paper gain (loss)

Unrealized capital gain (loss) on securities held in a portfolio based on a comparison of current market price to original cost.

Paper Gain

A gain on an investment that has not yet been realized. That is, a paper gain occurs when the current price of a security is higher than the price the holder paid for it, but the holder still owns the security. As a result, there is the possibility that the paper gain might be erased if the price goes back down. A paper gain represents an increase in one's net worth, but it may or may not affect one's lifestyle. See also: Paper loss.

paper gain

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19) The number of investors' requests to ensure the reliability of the fair value of investment properties increases as the unrealized profit of the investment property increases.
Each perishable item represents a temporarily unrealized profit.
Ultimately, as supply meets demand, and as sales are allocated to purchases, unrealized profit dollars flow through to realized profit dollars.
At the end of the period, the unrealized profit or loss on the remaining open position can be measured by comparing the cost of establishing that position and the prevailing exchange rate.
Intercompany transactions - Should 100 percent of any unrealized profit on transactions between a parent and its subsidiary be eliminated in consolidation or only the parent's percentage?
Sound practices detailed in the Notice include: heightened firm scrutiny of red flags such as trading limit breaches, unrealized profit and loss on unsettled transactions, unusual patterns of cancellations and corrections, a pattern of aged fails to deliver; increased password security and other protections of firm systems and risk management information; and creating a stronger compliance culture within the firm.
Each contract contributing to realized and unrealized profit (or loss), in the context of constantly changing market prices.
The "how" issues have to do with procedural matters, including how to measure the subsidiary's identifiable assets and liabilities at the acquisition date, how to measure good will at the acquisition date and how to eliminate unrealized profit or loss on intercompany transactions.
This report covers important financial and customer variables to consider, including C&I loan performance, C&I yield, customer satisfaction and customer attrition and attempts to assist a banker in generating a strategy to return unrealized profit potential to their financial institution.
Of course the risk of a decline to the 90 - 92 cent level must also be considered because the roaster would like to protect his unrealized profit.
Available on an installed or hosted basis, INVEST ONE automatically calculates real-time NAVs, daily accruals of income, fixed expenses, management fees, cash movements, and the realized and unrealized profit and loss of securities and investment portfolios.
In addition, with the seasonal increase in asphalt inventory over the winter months, approximately $26 million of unrealized profit, based on current market pricing, was in asphalt inventory at February 28th.