unpaid dividend

Unpaid dividend

A dividend declared by the directors of a corporation that has not yet been paid.

Declared Dividend

A dividend that a company has been announced but not yet paid. See also: Ex-dividend.

unpaid dividend

1. A declared dividend that has not yet been paid.
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As of December 31, 2006, the accrued and unpaid dividend on the Series 2 Preferred was $23.
The issuer will distribute to the holders of the issuer preferred securities, on a pro rata basis, all remaining cash in the trust and its general assets and any XL preferred securities, issued pursuant to the securities issuance agreement, held by the trust plus any accrued but unpaid dividend applicable to the then current dividend period.
On or after August 17, 2022, the company may redeem all or a portion of the Series F Preferred Shares at a redemption price equal to USD 25,000 per Series F Preferred Share (equivalent to USD 25 per Depositary Share), plus declared and unpaid dividends, if any, to, but excluding, the date of redemption.
The Department of Finance (DOF) is demanding state-run Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor) to immediately settle its unpaid dividends from 2005 to 2010.
iLOOKABOUT or the Company ) announced today that, subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange, the Company will issue 141,323 Common Shares to settle $23,320 of accrued but unpaid dividends on its Series 1 Preference Shares (the Preference Shares ).
7625 per share of Series A preferred stock, plus accumulated and unpaid dividends to the Redemption Date of $0.
First Trust/Four Corners Senior Floating Rate Income Fund II (NYSE: FCT) (the "Fund") announced today that the Fund is amending its tender offer for 100% of its outstanding Auction Market Preferred Shares, Series A and Auction Market Preferred Shares, Series B (collectively, the "AMP Shares") to increase the purchase price to 100% of the liquidation preference per AMP Share ($25,000 per share), plus any unpaid dividends accrued through the expiration date of the offer (the "Expiration Date").
Any unpaid dividends on the Series B, Series C and Series D,, including the unpaid dividends for the quarter ended 3o September 2015 and any future unpaid dividends, will accumulate.
The company said it will redeem the Series A preference stock on 16 September 2015 at the redemption price of USD100 per share of Series A Preference Stock plus accrued and unpaid dividends up to, but excluding the redemption date.
The redemption price will be $25 per Preference Share, plus accrued and unpaid dividends to January 15, 2007.