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United Nations

An international organization consisting of a large majority of the nations in the world. Its mission is to promote peace, international development, human rights and global health. It formerly helped prepare colonies for independence. It was established in 1945 following the end of World War II.


In newspapers and other media reports, an abbreviation indicating that a stock was traded as a unit share.


Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate unit shares: WebD un. Also called ut.


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Mi experiencia en un momento de conflicto, digo que se siente miedo, se siente angustia, pero a la vez hay como esa esperanza y esa fe en algo divino en una fuerza superior y que uno despues de los casos, de los hechos, uno realmente si ve la presencia de Dios, la fortaleza de El.
Luckily, like many of the freelancers signing up for seats at Calle Uno, Estrada wears multiple hats, one of which will inevitably prove beneficial to the space.
When it came to Uno, he had no qualms about drawing extra cards if he felt he could use them or liked the colors, or appealing to his mother's affections in order to play a nine when the game called for a six.
Es decir, se retiro el nombre de La Cantina Numero Uno de Cuauhtemoc, S.
Falle fod lle i wneud arbedion wrth uno ambell sefydliad arall?
Uno puede decir entonces que S, o sea eso de lo que se habla, es o P o no-P.
Rangel, the organization's CEO, served as co-chair of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 2011 campaign, and UNO maintains relationships with aldermen across the city and legislators in the state's capital, many of whom attend public events at the network.
ema se' ta ie' yarketche e'ta i mila wi ke a ie' kak yane, pues uno con el ya-bebe entonces su tia-materna aquella no a eso parte puede-beber cuando ya hacen su ceremonia, aquella, la tia de el, no puede beber de eso, 4.
The intellectual Uno school developed out of national Marxian debates, and de-emphasised class-based approaches to focus instead on three levels of analysis.
Joanne Parsons, prosecuting, said: "Helen Foulkes is a victim herself but the court cannot overlook the fact that two illegal dogs - Uno and Lita - were kept at the address.
While the Uno was replaced by the original Punto here way back in 1993 the original car, which was 1984 European Car of the Year, is being built in Brazil and is still successful in the South American market.
Joseph Conrad--Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski--(1857-1924) fue un marinero y aventurero nacido en Polonia, pero adopto la ciudadania britanica en 1886; y no solo eso, sino que se convirtio en uno de los escritores mas importantes de habla inglesa, en especial por su manera de entender y describir el espiritu humano.