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United Nations

An international organization consisting of a large majority of the nations in the world. Its mission is to promote peace, international development, human rights and global health. It formerly helped prepare colonies for independence. It was established in 1945 following the end of World War II.


In newspapers and other media reports, an abbreviation indicating that a stock was traded as a unit share.


Used in stock transaction tables in newspapers to indicate unit shares: WebD un. Also called ut.


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Thanks to the use of high-tech titanium, the UNO Titan one-hand watch achieves an impressively low total weight of 32 g - including the leather strap.
Speaking to a newspaper about the investigation for the first time, the detective leading the inquiry told of the hunt for the the Uno.
About UNO Tech LLC UNO Tech LLC is a leader in online innovation dedicated to helping consumers gain and maintain control of their intellectual property, online, without concerns over ever-changing data usage policies, third-party information sharing, or demographic profiling.
A new product based on proven solutions: Capable of lifting loads up to 10 tons up to 9 meters off the ground, the CXT UNO features a 2-speed hoisting and travelling design with a fixed pendant controller, tagline festooning, and compact single-girder construction, and can operate over spans of up to 20 meters.
UNO is not a political operation and, as a nonprofit, lawfully bound to stay out of politics.
Truthfully, at Uno I get much more satisfaction from its $5.
Uno de los hoteles, el NH City Hotel en Buenos Aires, se inauguro en diciembre de 2001, durante el apogeo de la crisis politica.
We're thrilled to continue partnering with Uno to provide our troops in Afghanistan with delicious deep-dish pizza in time for the SuperBowl," said Evans.
In addition, to help support military families, UNO is hosting a Dough Raiser on Veteran's Day in 96 locations throughout the US to support Fisher House Foundation, which helps provide military families free housing close to a loved who is hospitalized for an illness, disease or injury.
But it's not an unusual picture of how UNO has taken an axiom of grassroots organizing and turned it on its head by forging relationships with powerful people.
Por ejemplo, los norteamericanos me ensenaron que uno no puede dejar que las emociones obstaculicen los negocios.
A half-notch below Macho Uno in most handicappers' minds is Point Given, second by a nose in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile.