United States savings bond

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Savings Bond

In the United States, a non-tradable bond issued by the federal government for savings purposes. A savings bond allows citizens to receive a guaranteed return for their investments and helps raise revenue for the government. There are two types of savings bond in the United States: Series EE and Series I, with the main difference being that Series I bonds have interest rates indexed to inflation. Savings bonds pay coupons semi-annually; they are sold at face value and pay par upon maturity, which is 30 years after purchase. Bonds not held for at least five years are subject to a redemption penalty. Federal taxes on interest are deferred until redemption or maturity. Savings bonds are non-transferable and must be either held or redeemed.

United States savings bond

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UIS is offering a free, full featured, fully functional demonstration diskette containing The United States Savings Bond Consultant(TM) for a limited time only to a limited number of individuals, corporations and organizations that call UIS at 908-280-1440.
Following the introductory offer, other innovative PC products including The United States Savings Bond Manager(TM), will be made available during 1995 at prices ranging from $49.
For additional facts and figures on the United States Savings Bonds Program, contact: John Harris, MetLife, 212-578-7157 or Richard Steiger, Department of the Treasury, 212-264-1190.

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